Dons Jerk Centre offers a wide range of catering services, providing our customers with first class caribbean cuisine at affordable costs. Our team will caterers for your events with our wide range of delicious menus from starters to main and afters.
Our food flavour have the most outstanding tastes, thats because we are comitted to using the richest and finest ingredients to get the best quality taste in our food .

dons jerk centre

sweet chilli wings

We Cater For All Events

You name it, we Cook It. Contact us for more information.

If you are home or at the office you can call in and place your order, We can deliver it to you or you can just pickup your meal and go.

Don's Jerk Centre can provide catering servicess for all occasions, we will be very delighted to plan and discuss your requirements for any events whether at home, the office or just social gathering. Let us make a lasting and memorable impression for your events. Contact us for more information.

Our customers are always delighted when they are in our surroundings with the sound of mellow cultural music. We are passionate on delivering bespoke catering services to fulfil the needs of our customers and to ensure they are satisfied with the food and services we provide.


ackee and saltfisf and fried plaintain

Natural Juices

natural juices

Fried Dumplings

fried dumplings and ackee and saltfish