About Us

At Don's Jerk Centre we offer the best in tasty and delicious caribbean dishes.

We have a wide variety of both meat and vegetarian dishes, so Dons Jerk Centre is open to all walks of life, so whether you are on your lunch break or you just feel a bit peckish pop into Don's Jerk Centre we'll be waiting for you.

dons jerk centre

delicious fried chicken

A Little History

Don's Jerk Centre has been in the catering business for over 17 years.

We have catered for thousands of people on different occasions, in different parts of England and abroad we also take part in the yearly Nottinghill carnival, Glastonbury Festival and several other events that takes place in around the area.

We can also be found at the different caribbean events that takes place in Brockwell Park, Tooting Bec, and Crystyal Palace each year.

Great Tasting Jerk pork and Jerk chicken.

Our Food

The food we provide is based on dishes from our native Caribbean Island Jamaica, our cooking has been classed as 'A' rating over the years, our preparation of meats takes place overnight to allow the herbs and spices to be absorbed and marinated before they are cooked to our customers perfection.

We provide eat in(sit down waiter service) and take away services, we also provide a delivery service within a three (3) Miles radius of our location. We take pride ourselves and our business striving to keep the highest standards and maintain a great food safety policies.

Our customers are always delighted when they are in our surroundings with the sound of mellow cultural music. We are passionate on delivering bespoke catering services to fulfil the needs of our customers and to ensure they are satisfied with the food and services we provide.

Curry Chicken

curry chicken and white rice

Natural Juices

natural juices

Oxtail With Rice & Peas

oxtail with rice and peas